Is This Democracy?

I just sent a letter to the editors of three different newspapers stating my opinion as clearly as possible about the current political condition we find ourselves in this country. While I realize most of you who have followed me on Facebook, etc., already know who I believe should not have won; but that is not the subject of this posting. What the purpose is, however, concerns how we are seeing how a broken political system such as we currently have can result in both unexpected and undemocratic ways. Whether you wanted Trump or Clinton is not the issue here. The question is do you want to live in a democratic society, or some other form of government. Please read this article to see what I mean:


Is This Democracy?

 Citizens of the United States are either rejoicing or lamenting the election of Donald Trump as the next president of our country. While many ask the question of if Trump is even qualified to hold such a position, many are also asking a more basic question: Is this really how the top leader of a democracy is chosen?
              In childhood we are taught that in our democratic system the majority rules. The vote of the majority chooses who will lead, who will make decisions, who will write the laws.
              But that is not what we are witnessing. Through the electoral system, the electors of a few, smaller states, will effectively over-ride the votes of over two-million voters. That is two-million more voters who voted for Hillary Clinton than those voting for Donald Trump. This system of electoral voting has thus overshadowed democracy making the desire of the populous, expressed through their votes, irrelevant.
It is time for U.S. citizens to demand the end of the Electoral College system. Please contact your local elector and insist that they vote as expressed by the national vote count. Democracy is now in your elector’s hands — and yours.
(Note: Elecooral College Petition available at: )



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Hate, Love, and Thanksgiving

Jake Owensby

The Nazis imprisoned my mother in one of the lesser-known concentration camps. Mauthausen was located about 12 miles from her home, Linz, Austria. More people are familiar with camps like Auschwitz, Dachau, and Treblinka, but Mauthausen and its nearly 100 subcamps was one of the largest labor camps of the Nazi Regime.

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Having Peace In Conflict

This month, Rogene (Genie), my Spirit lead wife, has a message which everyone should read and heed who proclaim and are dedicated to living a spiritual life and helping to bring forth a more perfect existence on this planet we call home. While many Godly oriented people are today cheering for who has been chosen to be our next U.S. president, others are now weeping. Emotions are rampant and becoming chaotic. Violence and hatred have taken control of many of our nation’s streets, led by fear; yet the truly spiritually led person knows that we are told:

“Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”                     (John 7:24)

But now the choice has been made. In just a few weeks we will have our new president and to make righteous judgment we must realize that we really do not know what type of leader Donald Trump will be for the United States. Therefore, I hope the new president the best for his first term of office, but I will refuse to get caught up in either the rejoicing or the grief many are feeling because of this decision. While some people trust in guns and tanks to bring about the changes which cannot seem to be brought forth peacefully, and others trust in fear and violence, Genie and I have made a conscious decision to trust God’s holy nature of Agape Love.

— In him be the glory.

    — In him shall we live and serve and have our peace..


Here is what Genie wrote:


Jesus, the Master Teacher, came to this earth to teach us how to live.  But if we read the Scriptures we will see that he had issues with the religious leaders of his day.  We get a glimpse of the anger that led to the over-turning of tables driving those who were taking financial advantage of worshippers out of the temple in Matthew 21:12. Mark 11:15 and John 2:15.  He was even known to call the Pharisees vipers including. Matthew 23:32-ch25 is one example of this.

We also see great sorrow as the Messiah wept over Jerusalem in Matthew 23:37 and Luke 13:34:

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.”

Many have been experiencing anger and sorrow following the American presidential election while others rejoice.  For me there is sorrow and disbelief that many who call themselves “Christians” appear to be supporting and ushering in a scene which appears to be what they fear most, instead of their hoped for “salvation” from the destructive forces of darkness.  There is also at least a little anger within me toward these people and their leaders for the hatred and fear they spew in the name of God.

Please, let me explain: This is not the first time I have experienced this type of anguish. I watched in disbelief as dedicated, called women of God were kept from or driven out of “the ministry” in attempts to preserve the “boys club.”  The attempts to keep the women “in their place” included physical violence and intimidation, all justified in the name of God.

I have wept as I saw my loving and caring home church left in ruins after a “hostile takeover” by a group who felt the church was “too liberal.”  In their attempts to “save” the church it was severely damaged.

Looking back on my life now I can see that I have been prepared for this time.  Once again I have watched as the fabric of the union of these United States, and it’s diversity of races and cultures, have been ripped to pieces as was the church in which I was raised.  The progress we thought we had made now so easily destroyed by realizing the anger that was seething under the surface all along.

Perhaps one day we will finally come to realize that we cannot depend on the governments of mankind to save us.  The time has come to trust God and walk in the Light.

My reaction to the election results has surprised even me.  I am a person who is somewhat given to fear and panic, however in a real crisis I usually step up and find the strength to find a way through.  The message I received through spirit before I had seen the news the day after the election that said, “It’s Trump, but it’s okay” did not mean that he will be a great leader and the world will be saved through him.  It meant that what happens in this world will happen.

I will continue to trust God and walk in the light.  The sun will continue to come up each morning and the birds will continue to sing. It also doesn’t hurt that I am surrounded by angels and the white light of God right now.

So, along with Paul in his letter to the Romans (8:31), I ask, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Who is with me in this faith?


You can read more of Rogene’s work by following her blog at She would welcome your comments.  — Bob

Decision Time

So, you’re faced with making a decision. A task which most everyone faces with the feelings of dread and intimidation from things unknown and unknowable. How can one possibly make the right choice? How can anyone know how to decide what is not only best for the current day, but for many years to come and, indeed, throughout the future? It occurs nearly daily for some of us, deciding what to feed our families, where to have them educated, where we should work, who we should contact today and on and on. These may or may not be earth-shaking decisions to everyone, but to you and those close to you they are important and the decisions you make about these things today can have a far reaching effect upon many peoples’ futures. The presidential election, next month, is a good example of this as is such decisions you may be considering at this time about whether or not to be supportive of such things as gun control, environmental issues, right to life vs. right to choose, and on and on. But the real question is how does a person, faced with the need to make difficult decisions, do so? Let’s look at a possible process which has been used for millennia:


  • First we must sit down in a quiet place and, preferably with pencil and paper (or computer) in hand, clearly define what the decision is we must make. Be as brief as possible but be precise and complete in your description. Keep it in one paragraph of less than 50 words.
  • Define the importance of the decision which means simply, why is this important to you. Edit out anything you have read as to why it is important to someone else which you’ve seen on social media, the news or which your friends have said in common conversations or even social gatherings. Here you want to state only why it is important to make the right decision to you and your own family members.
  • Next, draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper if you have two choices (2 dividing lines for 3 choices, etc.) and label the top of each column with the name of the central figure of each choice. The process from this point is to, in one or two word phrases, list both positive and negative reasons for making that choice.
  • Place a plus before the point if it is a reason for deciding to select that choice, or a minus sign if the point is a reason against choosing that way. If the point carries significant importance, either positive or negative, place a number from 1 to 4 in front of the plus or minus sign to show added significance to the point. Be careful with this step, while this is a personal decision making process open to your own personal interpretation, you want to make certain that the decision you make is based on facts, not just emotional influences. Do your “homework” here, find out what the records say about the items you have on your list. What have been the results of such decisions before. Check historical records of similar decisions in the past. In short, make certain you are informed before proceeding with your decision. This could take several days so don’t put this process off till the last minute.
  • Now that you have your choice lists built, sit down with chart in hand and make a conscious decision to clear your mind and to ask the Spirit of God to guide you into making an informed choice. Before looking again at your chart, meditate a few minutes asking your spiritual guide to give you the wisdom needed to make the right choice. Then in a quiet, relaxed state, look at your lists and read it over carefully to be certain there are no other points which need to be added. If not then carefully add the number of plusses and place at the bottom of each list column. Then do the math. The resulting numbers are the logical indicator of the most obvious decision to be made. The column with the end highest number of positive points is most likely the choice which should be made. But this is sometimes not absolute, and this is why doing this last decision making process in a prayerful/meditative state is so important.
  • After seeing the resulting columnar figures and seeing which choice has the highest positive results, you may find yourself in a very disturbing situation. The choice you originally felt was best may not at all end up being the one indicated by your chart as being the most logical choice for your situation. This is then the time that we must decide to go back into prayer and ask our guide to give us peace concerning the decision. If the chart shows the decision should be one which goes against our advisors we depend upon in the world, then we must be able to make that choice with a pure heart and clear conscious to prevent our suffering from guilt or withdrawing from our friendships after the decision has been made. In prayer, ask that whatever decision is made, that you are able to make such decision with a clear conscious knowing that you are responsible for whatever results such decision causes.
  • Finally the time of decision will come, and if you have successfully waded through the process described above then you will be able to state your decision boldly, confidently and without hesitation. While this process can be learned and internalized, not needing to be done on paper or in a computer, it is usually best to learn to do it on paper first. Besides, it is the easiest way to be certain that you are being fair to yourself and your subject with less chance of missing something accidently or cheating. While the process does take time, if the decision is an important one like the up-coming presidential election, and if you are having problems making that final decision, this process can make it much easier to know how to decide.


Now it should be obvious that I am placing this post in my blog a month before the presidential election this year of 2017 because of the importance I believe that such election should hold for everyone. I am not here going to try to influence your decision as to whom you should vote for. If you follow me at all, especially on Facebook, then you already know how I feel about this election. But I wanted to take this opportunity to teach my readers a little of the knowledge I have gained through the years about how to apply a little of the psychological, sociological and spiritual information I’ve accumulated through the years of education and research. I hope this helps you in developing a better and more effective decision making process for yourself, whether spiritual, medical, social or political or any other choice you find you must make. Now take these notes and practice them on the upcoming election. I think we all need the practical help this can provide.