The Choice


The one who was, and is and is to come, I AM.

Alpha, the beginning, the Creator, I AM.


I speak and the Earth is formed,

and the light is there;

the waters are divided from the dry land,

and the light from the darkness.

Energy, time, light, darkness, all of these, I AM.

The father of man, of creatures, of life, I AM.


I speak and grass, and herbs, and trees do grow;

and animals, and birds, and insects, and serpents

do present themselves; and man.


Creation, life imaged, grantor of gifts, I AM.

The Word, the Spirit, the fact of all things, I AM.


I speak and the angels are, and authority is given;

and Satan is given freedom, or bound; also testing allowed.

Strength, hope, happiness, the everlasting, I AM.


I AM LOVE, but was unloved, alone.

I AM needed by my friends,

my children, my servants

to love, to me love.

I AM offering perfect peace, trust, tranquility, and love.

I AM NOT selfish and allow you another one to love.

I AM perfect, when he is punished

so shall you be with your love.

I AM your Lord, your God, Christ.

I AM perfect, Agape, Love.


The one who was, and is, and is to come, I AM.

Omega, the conclusion, the justice, I AM.


I speak and my voice brings down tyrants, dictators, bad masters, demons and Satan, and those not fused in my son’s book of life.


Truth, understanding, logic, honesty, I AM.

Faith, understanding, and absolute fact, I AM.


I speak and the present heaven and earth disappear,

and a new heaven and a new earth appear,

and there to rule is my son.


Beauty, loveliness, true life conceptions, I AM.

Abraham’s, Joseph’s and Moses’ God, I AM.


I speak, and the universe reacts as I think,

all creation reacts as I think;

but you I have freed to react.


Either love, hope, happiness and peace I AM,

or hatred, confusion, sadness, and fear he is.


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(Poem: “The Choice,” originally titled: “I Am,” written by Robert O. Robbins, copyrighted 1981 & 2016. All rights reserved 2016, by R.O. or R.A Robbins & E.T.M Publishing; use by permission only. Permission to reprint for personal use is granted to everyone provided no changes to item content are made, including this notice; however reprints in any form made for profit requires a written permit. Contact via secure email at or Suggested donation of $1.00 per copy produced; click here.)


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looking for doves, not hawks #Orlando

do not be deceived. The history of violence is a sad, circular story with no end. The history of love is a beautiful story laden with hope, with promise, and with redemption.

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“Peter, Put Away Your Sword!”

In a beautiful garden, one familiar to Jesus and his disciples for he had taught them there many times the story of Jesus consummates from one of the Christ attempting to prepare his flock of followers for the inevitable to one where the solders came, with a representative of the high priest, to arrest Jesus. But Peter still could not conceive of what was about to happen. He had conjured in his mind that he would be a general in the Lord’s army which would lead the Hebrew people into a great victory over Rome establishing  them with the leadership they long deserved.  When Peter saw that the soldiers were taking Jesus away as a prisoner he could contain himself no longer. Peter ran to block the way of the entourage with sword drawn and, most likely recognizing Malchus who was representing the high priest at the arrest, swung his sword in an attempt to cut off the head of the intruder. However, not trained as a military man, Peter’s poor aim resulted in the removal of Malchus’ ear, and a very upset Christ who said quietly, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” Then Jesus replaced the ear onto Malchus’ head and proceeded to go with the solders willingly, as Peter remained astonished and confused at what had just occurred causing him even to doubt the very one he had followed for several years. (JOH 18:1-18-NIV) This part of the salvation story is of utmost importance to believers today who try to follow Christ. Here’s why. . .

Throughout human history mankind has been violent. It seems to be an inevitable, almost innate characteristic of people which wells it’s ugly head at sometimes the most inopportune times and, without a doubt, causes reason to question our ability to ever be able to emulate such a Prince of Peace such as Jesus. But that is exactly what those who proclaim Jesus as Lord are called to do.

Jesus knew how difficult such a command would be for us to obey. Jesus explained to Matthew and the other disciples,

11 Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. 12 From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to violence,[d] and violent people have been raiding it. 13 For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John. 14 And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come. (MAT 11:11-13-NIV)

Throughout the Old Testament there is presented extreme violence of war after war, murders, slavery, and multitudes of various persecutions while the Hebrew people have attempted to both regain their homeland and serve Jehovah God at the same time. This attempt to live successfully in two realms in the same lifetime creates chaos in a person’s mind and is, according to Jesus, impossible (MAT 6:24). However the materialism of property on which to live which can be called one’s own is very important in our minds if we are to feel freedom in this world. Thus, it seems, we are willing to fight and die for it.

But Jesus never gave the order to Peter to defend his right to movement, or his ability to teach of the Kingdom of God, nor for any other purpose. Earlier he had pleaded with his father (Jehovah) that the fact that he would be tried and executed as a common criminal be removed from his future, but realizing that plea was impossible if he were to carry out his mission he accepted it and went on toward his fate (MATT 26:39-42-NIV).

This is why scriptures indicate that even though he could call upon multitudes of angels to defend him during the crisis of his judgement here on Earth, he did not. He accepted his fate, written by his trusted father/god, and “marched on” toward a greater victory without violence. (MAT 26:53-NIV)

By accepting his responsibilities, Jesus was teaching his disciples and us one of the most important truths ever to be expressed in this world to know the difference between being an animal or a child of the living God. To recognize our relationship to God means to accept there are greater things in the universe than the physical and higher realms of reality than what we can sense with our common five senses. In short, violence leads to violence and in reality accomplishes nothing, but the way of peace creates within people the reality that there is a way through which all can be accomplished.

This message has been expressed by several other great spiritual leaders, both Christian and those of other faiths, through man’s short history. Ghandi’s leadership to India’s independence, Martin Luther King’s bold leadership of the black revolution in the middle of the  twentieth century and others have walked in great physical danger, some even to be killed, to promote right thinking and right actions in a peaceful way.

But the Christian faith has been riddled with violence ever since our Lord’s resurrection. Ever since the escape from Jerusalem when Rome came into the City of Jerusalem and destroyed the Hebrew temple there, the believers who call themselves Christian have armed themselves and gone to battle in defense of their faith. The Christian Crusades and other battles which was fought to embolden the Christian believers and to defend their right to exist against those who would argue otherwise.

Even massive worldwide wars like World War II have been promoted as a good thing for Christian believers to do because of the cruel and inhumane things being done by those being fought against. So we could not set back and do nothing while a despot rampaged over Europe, raping the land and slaughtering millions of Jews simply because they existed.

Now, today, we are facing a new yet ever so common a threat to our ability to follow the Prince of Peace. Several years ago this country called the United States was attacked in a very unexpected way. It seemed to be from within, using our own commercial aircraft as weapons and our own fear as the main tool to change this country from within.

What am I saying? Oh, we are not afraid? Don’t kid yourself. If this country is not afraid then why have we developed the most powerful military the world has ever known. Why have we declared war on a group of nationless faces who have likewise declared war on us, and for much the same reasons. And why has our political circumstances in this country become so chaotic that we are considering placing into leadership two questionable choices; either a person who has been struggling with court cases and questionable character during the whole presidential campaign or one who says he will build walls, build defenses, and eliminate certain people and traditional thought which this country has developed and known for centuries. And, furthermore, why is it that from the pulpits of this country’s churches who claim to worship the father of the Pirince of Peace do we hear church leaders telling congregates to arm themselves? Only fear creates such an atmosphere.

The U.S. citizen becomes the modern Peter in this scenario. For too long we have been following our animalistic selves and drawing our swords without thinking that there might be a better way. The Lord’s way. If we strike out with that sword, we could cut off the ear of the priests and political leaders of other countries and for what reason? It would do no good. Those in other places of the world could then not hear us and those we thought were friends would most likely choose otherwise. Could it be that there is a better way? A way of peace. A way of trying to set back and consider what we see and are experiencing before striking out and cutting off the world’s ear causing them to be unable to hear our need for help? After Jesus told Peter to put away his sword, Peter slinked into a corner of the garden palace and found himself denying his faith in the Christ three times. Are we, the nation who has carried the Holy Bible to the whole world, about to have a similar experience? Are we about to deny our faith in the Prince of Peace?

We need to get to a quiet place, pray, observe our circumstances and realize that fear is not the choice, except to fear fear itself. We must make some very hard choices in this country within the next few months. I pray everyone will make the choice best for the Lord we claim to trust. But listen to the Spirit of the Lord, “Peter, put away your sword.” Put away your knives, your guns, your bombs and your rockets. Put away your fear. For even as Christ had to drink of the cup his father gave him, so must we drink ours. Even as Christ had to die to show mankind mercy by saving us from Satan’s fear, so must we deny that fear from causing us to live without peace.

shalom aleichem

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Are You Caring for Our Garden?

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden

to work it and take care of it.”

Genesis 2:15-NIV

Ahh! The Earth. Our beautiful planet which, if observed with pure eyes, is truly a remarkably diversified beautiful garden which we, its attendants, have only begun to conceive of the remarkable ways in which it war created. The rolling hills, the luscious forests and jungles, the majestic mountains and the bottomless oceans are the home of the remarkable creatures we all know and love of the mammals, birds and reptiles, including ourselves. Why then, with all this beauty surrounding us on a daily basis must we be reminded that it is our responsibility, our duty to take care of this planet? Yet, until recently with the advent of a few people starting what we call Earth Day, we seemed to think that what this scripture meant was that we could do with this planet whatever we wanted which has lead us to causing the extinction of many species of both plants and animals and, if not gotten under control, could lead to our own extinction as well. So what do we do?

Well, first we must recognize the fact that we are to find our place as part of this creation, and not masters of it, as many of the American Indians have believed and taught. While we are ultimately responsible to feed the billions of people on this planet, we must not place that responsibility above the care of the planet itself. To do so would simply mean to fast run out of or destroy the very source which we need to care for the humans we want to care for.

We must use a different type of logic than that which has been prevalent in the past where if something exists and the human governments gives me the right to claim it, or I am strong enough to take that right, then I can do whatever I want with it.  To do so may be the very human way of existence as it has been for thousands of years, but it ignores the rights of other creatures, including other people, on being able to have access to those same elements. It further ignores the fact that we were placed on this planet to “work it and take care of it,” not to take all that is valuable from it and then leave it as useless and ugly.

I am not going to belabor the negative, uh, stupidity of mankind’s activity of creating oil wells in areas which have undermined the land to the point that it is now causing major earthquakes under vast territories like in Oklahoma. Yet, as intelligent as man thinks we are, we are still debating rather to do the same thing in land set aside as a national park in Alaska. Where is the logic in that? While there is much research and evidence concerning the fact that there is more than enough energy available through wind, solar and thermal resources it remains essentially untapped because the ones who have become rich with oil and other more potentially dangerous and destructive sources of energy refuse to invest in these alternative energy systems.

The same is true with numerous other topics which concern the Earth’s health. Things like air pollution, over-farming with chemical substitution of fertilizers and never allowing the ground to rest, and rampant deforestation in areas like Brazil where once lush jungles which had numerous medicinal plants are being replaced by deforested fields for farmers to produce “human needs” crops. A wealth of possible biochemical cures lost to mankind and a much needed source of clean oxygen lost to the planet.

Sadly enough, we have in the past, as a species given the assignment to tend this beautiful garden we call Earth, failed; but it is not yet too late to change the error of our ways and to try to heal the wounds we have caused our “Mother Earth.” The one person in the United States political past which I think did more  toward bringing the issue of American disrespect for the planet was not actually a politician at all. She was the wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Lady Bird Johnson took on as her cause to get Americans to stop using this country’s landscape as a trash can, and to quite hiding the view of our beautiful country with billboards. Her ideas caught on and from that time on we have started to understand better, and to try to do something about  our personal and our planet’s environment.

There is much that needs to be done, there is much which can be done, to turn the tide of planetary destruction which has been so prevalent for the past several centuries. Take action against those who disrespect the land by joining environmental groups. Use environmentally friendly products and services whenever possible, like solar or wind energy. And speak up for the Earth whenever possible. That way, by tending the Earth as we were asked to do, she will be able to take care of us.

Happy Earth Day.

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Choices: Learn, Understand, Be Wise

Throughout our lives, every second of our lives, there is something which we all must do which will create the atmosphere of all which we will experience throughout the rest of eternity. We must choose.

Choose? Choose what, you may ask. How do we choose anything?

The simple fact is that no matter what we are doing, or even if we are doing nothing at all, we are making choices. Choices if by no other sense of the word concerning what we will be doing at that moment, if anything at all. Sound confusing? It really isn’t. Let me try to explain.

A choice is simply an opportunity to make a decision as to which way to go, what to do next, in order to accomplish what you are wanting to do. No big secret in that, right? But where the secret seems obscured is when the crossroads on your path seems to be numerous, the speed of the road gets rapid and the map which is supposed to show you the way to your goal becomes unclear and hard to read.

Every day we all make routine choices as to what clothing we will wear, what we will eat, how we will comb our hair (if we have hair), the route we will drive to work (if,  indeed, we drive to work), and so forth. Each of these seemingly repetitious, routine actions involves a number of smaller decisions like is this a work day or a day off which will determine if you wear work clothes or play wear. The only time these types of activities do not involve immediate choices are when you have done the same thing long enough that the activity has become habituated and you no longer have to think of how you will do that activity. At least not consciously. But a choice has been made. Sometime in the past you decided to do something in a certain way, over and over, until such action became routine and planted in the subconscious until the conscious mind no longer had to be involved until you find need to change the decision.

Such need to make choices permeates every aspect of our lives, throughout our lives, and as such helps us to create our own view of the universe wherein we live. Do we see everything and everyone as being dangerous and out to harm us. A pessimistic attitude such as this can create for you a form of hell on earth and endanger you of possible psychological paralyses. This unrealistic view creates within a person the cause for suspicion of everyone and everything they come in contact with, and they often become frozen in their actions because they soon begin doubting even their own abilities.

However, the incurable optimist can often be just as blind to reality because they are so intent that “all is good” that they are blinded to potential dangers which could and most likely should be avoided. The key here is to first gain knowledge, then work toward an understanding of how that knowledge can be used beneficially and then to tempore the positive and negative information you can obtain about any choice or set of choices so you can make a wise choice between the directions you can go. You may recognize this as the message of the “Serenity Prayer” quoted so often.

A good example can be seen in the story of the hiker in the mountains who is wandering along a mountain path to suddenly have the chill of a low growl coming to him from behind. At the point he was at on the trail’s ascent, the hiker knew there was no other way back to the cabin than through the area from where he heard the sound. Not sure of what was creating the growl, he decided against that and tried rapidly to think of other choices out of the danger he felt he was in as he kept climbing the path. As the growls grew louder and the trail grew narrower, the hiker soon came to the end of the trail which, a narrow precipice was overlooking the town below from whence he came.

Decision time. The growl was still echoing to him and his imagination started being wildly creative. But he had to make a decision. Does he go back down the hill to face whatever was making the hungry noises? Not an acceptable choice in his mind, especially since he was unarmed. That would be a similar pessimistic choice as just sitting down on the rock in the clearing, enjoying the day, and waiting for his carnivore host to arrive and eat him. Not a pretty picture. The other choice extreme is to optimistically believe that he can overcome all situations and therefore decide if his 150 pound, nonathletic frame could fight the bear or lion behind him or should he trust that at the last moment he could sprout wings and be able to jump off the cliff and fly to safety in the town below? Well, obviously whether you be a pessimist or optimist, the logic of reason and reality must at some point set in and the hiker must realize that he cannot fight a bear bare handed, nor can he fly, and to try to do either of these things in this physical reality would be simply suicidal.

What could be done? The hiker remembers a way to clear his thinking by taking a few deep breaths and, while doing so, repeating the word “Relax,” quietly to himself. While doing this the question permeated his mind, in the form of a prayer, of “How do I get out of here, safely.” While doing this, the hiker suddenly became aware that, even though the trail ended where he stood, the mountain did not. It went, well, straight up. Now a new choice was having to be faced, but there was no time for an in depth analysis of how to climb this steep precipice. The head of the bear suddenly appeared about 30 yards away. The hiker instantly grabs a stone sticking out from the cliff and started to climb. He was not an experienced climber and had no special equipment with him. But by the time the bear got to the clearing where he had been standing he was well above the animal’s head.

Safely wedged between the cliff wall and a tree trunk growing from it, the hiker sat gratefully thanking God for giving him the wisdom to make good choices. After the bear had made a circle of the clearing, eating a few barriers and walking a circle he had obviously walked many times before, he went back down the path and disappeared. The hiker never knew what the growls were about. Knowing that brown bears are mainly vegetarian, he did not know if the bear caught his scent and was upset that an intruder was in his territory or something else. But the hiker walked back down the trail with a wonderful story to tell without fighting a bear or jumping off a cliff.

Most of us will never have such a dramatic story about decision making such as this, but we must all make decisions at all times. Do you put on your left shoe or your right first every morning? Do you take the back roads to work, or the freeway? Do you vote Republican or Democratic, or which candidate do I vote for in the U.S. election? What do you do about your bills? Do you believe in a God of love or are all things circumstantial?

Whatever you believe, the choices you make, are the reason you see the world as you do. Don’t like the world you see, change how you look at it, change what you’re doing, in short change your choices. But please, think and pray before you choose.

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Okay, So What is “Aγάπη”?

If you have been reading my blogs very long you may be asking yourself, or someone else, and perhaps would even like to ask me, “Okay, so you say that this power you call love is a very special power which is the most powerful source of creative activity in the Universe. You’ve used a special term for it, calling it ‘agape’ and saying it is not just any love, but a special type of love. But, honestly, I don’t understand. It simply seems to be Greek to me.” And, when speaking of the term ‘agape’ you would be right; its origins are in the Greek language. Let me try to explain why the Apostle John identified this universal, invisible, unifying and creative force to be God.

February, the month we are in as I write this article, has become known as the “love month” because of the influence which Valentine’s Day has had on the world. In fact, because of a sometimes unwelcomed quirk in my brain, I usually awaken around midnight and find myself wide awake. This is when I do much of my research and writing  like I’m doing now on this article. In fact, this is the morning of Valentine’s Day, and this day has a very special meaning to me this year because 25 years ago at this time there were several major changes which took place in my life that changed the direction of my life forever. I had been experiencing a frustration that my book, which I now call simply “Revealed” was not being sold on the open markets, and I felt that the years of research I had placed in it was a waste, so I laid it aside. Along with that, my father had died that spring, a person who I was fortunate enough to be able to claim as not only to have been raised by, but also to have as my best friend. However I was experiencing some personal successes in my life by achieving a Masters of Education in Counseling that spring and my income sources was to change to a totally different and more enjoyable direction than I had expected.

But that was not the most unexpected thing that happened to me that spring. You see, Genie and I had not met yet on Valentine’s Day 25 years ago. But that spring as I set in a classroom to be trained for a new job I met this  woman with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. While these eyes were sad, confused and frustrated I knew that, regardless her background, I needed to know her. There was a problem, however, Genie and Terri wanted to go dancing but my two left feet made me suddenly become shy of such an opportunity. The next day I saw her leave the classroom, obviously upset, and the emotions within me were overwhelming. The next day I finally had built up enough courage to ask her for a date only to be told that she had left the training.

She was gone. My heart sunk. I had missed my chance to do something I had thought I would not do again since the divorce with my former wife several years earlier. I’m definitely the type of man who needs companionship, I knew that. I delayed. I felt the pain of loss, again.  However, through the encouragement of a fellow student in that program, I was fortunate enough to be able to have a program director/owner who was able to tell that I was sincere in my wanting to contact Genie and she found it in herself to break all traditional protocol and gave me Genie’s address, to whom I immediately wrote. (Thank you Mary Ann.)

Now Genie said later that she did not know which one of the men in the training class I was; but she agreed to meet me for a country music concert in a small city in mid-western Kansas and the rest is history, as some would say. But it really is not that simple. As we’ve learned about one another, we found that our lives have been filled with “near misses” of possible meeting one another before this time throughout the previous 20 years. We had lived in the same cities, went to the same schools for some classes, even worked at some of the same places; but always at different times, though once we worked at the same place at perhaps at the same time but only in different buildings.

Coincidence? I think not. I’ve always believed that too many coincidences just cannot add up to be a coincidence. If there were not a type of divine intervention in Genie and my meeting, then faith in divine intervention is in vain. Marrying Genie has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am right now using this blog to tell the world I love her, my wife, my Valentine and I always will.

While my love for Genie is beyond my ability to express with words, and while it has an element of agape love in it, it is not agape in its truest form. It began with a high degree of erotic love as is common between a man and woman, which later developed into a true and sincere friendship which the Greeks would call philias love. It has only been the last few years that we have really made progress toward the recognition of the Spirit of God within us and between us to the point of realizing that the love between us is more than can be explained for it not only holds us together, it holds the Universe together.

Agape love is that energy which holds the electron circling around the nucleus of an atom, and the planets circling around their stars. Agape is the power which makes it possible to call someone their brother or sister and truly care for that person even when they are rude, lewd or even crude, not of our culture or ethnic group or even our religious orientation. It is not the mush of what is promoted as love in the world’s songs or its movies, but instead it is a true, steadfast, immutable force of absolute truth with God attempting to express himself as saying, “You are worthy of life, of being the creature I have created you to be, as my image.” It is unconditional, holding no absolutes for the receipt of this love. It is pure, simple, honest, open, and unapologizing. It is forgiveness when we feel we have done the unforgivable; and it is guidance when we know there is a better way. Agape love is a basic logical emotion which says you are loved rather you know it or not, for your own good rather you feel worthy of it or not.

That is why the Apostle John proclaimed that God is Agape. No force of darkness can overcome this power of love. No amount of time can ever make one forget the experience of this type of reality. It is only through the realization that God believes that each and every one of us are important to his creation and that he truly does care for us that the realization of what Agape love can become understandable.

Thank you Genie for being my wife. Happy Valentine’s Day my love. Namaste’, my dear one, I see the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Creator in you.

And thanks to the Creator God for sharing his spirit with us to make life possible and for sending his son to show us the way of this life, this love. We should all wish this Creator, and his son, a Happy Valentine’s Day also.

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Light, Life, Love



Imagine being in a complete void, with absolutely nothing else there except you. You have no physical body to be touched nor to touch other objects; and, in fact, it would have no use for there is nothing else to touch, observe or hear. There is no light, so even if there were physical objects you could not see them for in the physical world it takes light to give objects their ability to be seen. There is not even any sound, except for the consistent, incessant hum which seems to be coming from your own existence sounding like a continuous low, rumbling “iammmmmm” or “ommmmmm” emitting from within you. Then slowly over unknown expanses of time, whatever that is, questions start forming in you like, “I am. But if I am, then what am I?” and “If I am here, then where am I?” and “Why am I alone?”

This is what the writers of the world’s sacred scriptures elude to in their stories of the very beginning of time. We don’t know, nor need to know, when or exactly how this happened; but something like this did happen according to the scriptures of our world written by Moses and other of Earth’s teachers of truth. But then this mighty force decided to do something about the lonely state it found itself in. It said, “Let there be light.” [1]‘’[2][3][4]

Isn’t it interesting how most people think that the first thing created in this large universe was light? An easily made error, made by not carefully reading the scriptures. Scriptures say God “said, ‘Let there be light” which requires first God’s own ability to think and the universal concept of sound to exist Thus the preexistence of God was only reflected by the scripture writers by the fact that God, indeed, did have thought and could speak. Therefore light being created on the “first day” is only recorded as the first record of creation.

Logic explains the scientists’ insistence that for light to exist and be light, it must have something to be reflected upon (except at very high intensities like looking at the source of the light where you can see its aura) or it is simply energy zooming through space which cannot be seen. However the first thing existent was thought, and that thought then produced sound, and from that sound was proclaimed the existence of light and the rest followed.   Hubble[5]

Therefore this proclamation by the one we call “God” or “Creative Force” or whatever one may call the base intelligence of why we are all here must have had a moment of perplexity when realizing that the light he[6] had just created was of little use in a universe with nothing else in it; but scientists explain that at the same  moment that light had become existent in this physical plain, due to the explosive power which has traditionally been known as the “Big Bang,” set into motion many other things which appeared to make it possible for the light to have something to reflect on to be seen and to see other objects.[7]

As mentioned, two things apparently existed before the creation of light: First God was obviously aware of his own existence. Where did he come from? What was he made of? How did these thoughts which seemed to come from nowhere, yet be everywhere exist? No mention by the wise ones has ever been made about this. Some things are just beyond our knowledge. Those “thoughts” or “feelings” just existed. The other thing which you could say that these nebulous thoughts seemed to be creating was sound. The low, persistent, somewhat mechanical drone which some are told to attempt to mimic while meditating. The “thoughts” of God were evidently, that drone. So the first thing his thoughts created was sound, not light as most of us believe.

Further evidence of this can be found when noticing in the Scriptures that it was by no other action by the Creator than what he said to create all that we see and experience around us. Moses said, in the Hebraic book of Genesis that God spoke everything into existence. “God said, ‘Let there be light.’”

But the logical mind then asks the reasonable question that if nothing else existed, what then was the light made of? Does it matter? Most likely it was made of the thoughts of God which process is beyond our comprehension, but we know that it is the next logical step to the creative process.[8] First there was thought. Then as those vibrations of thought began to increase they began to create a sound. Then as the vibrations grew even more rapid they could be contained no longer and thus the words from the creator of: “Let there be light.” The Apostle John clearly confirms this process when he declares, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”[9][10]

Scientists confirm, in their own way, how this process makes sense when speaking of astronomical phenomena, specifically the cycle of a star’s development and explosive expansion.[11] Of course they do not give credit to thought being the root of the cycle of a star’s “life” but they do show how greater and greater intensity of energy (vibration) into one location eventually causes things to happen.

And thus, after light appeared, things did happen. Stars appeared. Planets began forming and orbiting the stars. On Earth the waters of the oceans were separated from the dry land, and plants and animals began to appear. Then man.

Whether this process took only six days, which is doubtful to the logical mind due to the extremely complex physiological processes involved in such a creative process, or if the process took 60 trillion years or more we really do not know. The amount of time it took is, in reality, irrelevant.

What is important in this process is that even the sciences of mankind agree with the world’s theologians that this creative process, which brought forth light and life into this universe, did and does exist. How it occurred, how long it took, or even why it occurred are all points of curiosity to be sure; but in reality not nearly as important as the next step in this process of God, and we, discovering who he is.

When Moses faced the Pharaoh and demanded that the Hebrews be released from their captivity as slaves of Egypt it was done by him at the request of the Creator. Moses asked God, “Who should I say has sent me demanding these things?” To this God replied to tell the Pharaoh that “I AM,” had sent him.[12]

What an interesting dichotomy this presented to Moses. To do what he was being told to do would surely be misunderstood by the Egyptians and simply make it appear that he was a traitor to those who raised him. But true to his faith, when asked who it was that demanded the release of the slaves, Moses said, “I am.” And from that moment on he became the enemy of the Egyptian nation.

Anyone who has read the story about how the Hebrew were lead into the land we now know as Israel recognizes how they struggled for their very existence while they wandered through the wilderness between Egypt and the “Promised Land.” The story needs not be told here. But it is an important step on the Creator’s process of self-identification. Why? When he made mankind, he said he wanted to make a special creature which was made in his (“our”[13]) image. Through this process, God started learning about himself by watching and at times helping his image learn to cope with their Earth bound existence.

As time progressed from the time of the freeing of the slaves, we see a Creator who has placed restraints upon himself on how much he can interfere with mankind’s existence. While different people have been given what seem to be contradictory messages from the Prime Source, they have all had what seemed to be the same goal in mind: to create within human society one basic recognition that “God Is” and that only through his guidance can we have understanding, peace, abundance and universal love.

Then came the time of ultimate decision for the Creator. While many of us humans do not believe in the concept of God having a physical son, there are many who wrote historical scriptures who do. And this is important if we are to ever understand why, in the Christian Scriptures, the Apostle John identifies God as agape (love).[14]  Over two-thousand years ago God realized that the main reason mankind could not live a balanced, peaceful life in his honor was because they did not have an example of how to do so, or what would happen if one did live a faithful life as he was created to do. So, to prove to mankind their importance to the Creator he sent his “only begotten son,” Jesus, who is called the Christ, to Earth to show us the way to live a godly life even when opposed by all others.[15]

This was the ultimate challenge for the Creator. Why? He could have simply wiped us off the planet and started over as is indicated may have happened before in the Book of Genesis, and which he considered doing during the worldwide flood when he found Noah having a promising character and told him how to save himself.[16] Time after time the world’s scriptures show how God has attempted to show us the way of peace and prosperity; but we have never comprehended it. The hope for God was that by sending his son we would finally have an example of what it would take to have a planet full of light and life. It is due to this act of love shown through the son of God that the Apostle John said, in the “Book of The Revelation,” that Jesus, The Christ, was “the beginning of the creation of God.”[17]

So there we have it, the true essence of the creation itself:

Light, Life and Love

All emitted from the Creator himself.

Mankind keeps looking for the way we can “evolve,” yet we have already been created as the image of God and what we must do to evolve is to recognize that and to learn how to be the instruments of love we were created to be. God created us to help him overcome his “aloneness,” his loneliness. He wants to be able to call us his friends, even as Jesus called the disciples his friends.[18] However God finds it impossible to even look upon evil because he is pure, and had to be pure to build this universe on the narrow equilibrium necessary to build it.

We have choices to make. We have lessons to learn. Are we willing to let go of misconceptions and become a friend of God?


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