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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul

So What Did Ezekiel See?


During the past month I have found myself involved in a very interesting discussion concerning the experience many people report as having seen mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) specifically in the skies over Florida. While not a member of MUFON, I have tracked their activities online for several years and have read reports about such experiences and their opponents most of my life. The question is, without doubt, if these events are real physically, spiritually or simply activity of human imagination. While MUFON is attempting to be a scientifically oriented bibliographic cataloging of all such reports in the world, I’ve found myself still having some very important questions which I do not believe have been adequately answered when people try to either prove or disprove the existence of U.F.O.’s.

Why am I opening this topic up here on Espirational Faith? A person jumped onto the MUFON discussion board asking the question of why are people spending so much time reading such things as the MUFON board instead of reading the Bible or Qur’an. To this I asked a brief, but rather curt, question asking if these people telling about their spotting of an UFO were really any different than was the reported incident in the beginning of the Christian/Judaic scriptures where the prophet, Ezekiel saw a flying object which he reported as being a wheel in the center of a wheel. I asked the MUFON reader who asked the question about wasting time reading about UFO’s, as I now ask you: What did Ezekiel see? Are the people who have seen UFO’s seen the same or similar things?


Most people who have been approached with this question, or ones similar to it, in the past have found it distasteful because it takes an experience found in holy writ and “humanizes” it as a more common experience.  Many more conservative believers object to a “scientific” study of such things otherwise considered holy, afraid that such study may make the experience or object being discussed too common, remove the mystery, and cause it to be less attractive as concerning its faith value. But that has not stopped scientists and people of true faith from studying such things as biology and health sciences, archeology, astronomy, and others. While what the scientists say is often quite different than what is written in the worldly scriptures found in recorded history, almost yearly we could track how the evidence in scientific research gets closer and closer to being supportive of scriptural context.


So I am a strong supporter of collectively gathering what slim information we can about the UFO phenomena, and other phenomenal subjects like the Bermuda Triangle, etc.,  and trying to find a correlation of these reports in an attempt to determine what they are and why so many people are having these experiences. People as widely varied as farmers, truck drivers, air force pilots, Jimmy Carter before his first election as U.S. President, and yes, even a recognizable Old Testament prophet, Ezekiel.


Why do I place Ezekiel in with this group? Look at the facts, take this challenge yourself: Get a piece of blank paper and a pencil and a copy of the Book of Ezekiel found in a Bible or other collection of Jewish spiritual works. The assignment is quite simple. As the object is described to open that book which about the prophet, Ezekiel, that fateful day, draw it. Now, of course the “wheel in the middle of a wheel” was a way of describing what Ezekiel saw and was not the form of the object itself. People in the day this description was written simply did not have the experience nor words to describe what was being seen. So keep your picture simple, for we may perhaps still be without proper words to describe what was and is being seen..


What did you get? Look familiar? Using your imagination turn the object on its side and draw the feet, the “heads” or icons on the four sides, and other objects. The shape of the object seen should be as familiar to you as it is to me if you follow the study of unidentified flying objects, watch science fiction shows, or even just talk to friends about UFO’S much at all.


But what do you think? Should such studies be left alone, or are they an important point of discussion in an otherwise untapped field of knowledge? Is saying that Ezekiel possibly had a “UFO” encounter demeaning to the founders of the Christian/Judaic faiths, or can it be supportive and make them more accessible to the common person? I’m opening up this blog to discuss this topic because it has always been of interest to me and because I believe it to be important at this time to help bring the ancient faiths into our modern times. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “So What Did Ezekiel See?

  1. I have a rock solid faith in Jesus and I believe the truth should ALWAYS be sought. If the truth is uncomfortable? Bad luck. Altering our paradigm facilitates growth. I encourage people to keep an open mind, think for themselves and remember theories are very different to facts. It is exciting to seek truth and I believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. (John 14:6)
    Nothing should be dismissed in our search.
    amen. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you, Gentle Stitches, for that comment, and I couldn’t agree more. I find it very interesting how when Jesus, the Christ, ascended into the heavens the early part of the Book of The Acts of’ The Apostles records a mass of witnesses watching as their Messiah ascended into the sky. Rather this description was to describe how the Son of God went physically or spiritually to another place, or perhaps both, is not made clear. But the fact is that he took his physical body, after it had suffered death and resurrected, and went someplace. Many would say the “where” he went is unimportant, proclaiming he simply went to heaven. An acceptable statement to be sure. But have they never asked, “Where is this place called heaven?” For millennia it has been said that heaven is up. Why? I was created with a curious mind, in the image of God. There are several places where God is shown to have much curiosity throughout the scriptures, like asking Adam to name all the animals God had recently created. I simply find this type of study extremely intriguing. Please keep commenting on these posts whenever you feel lead to do so.

    • Thank you, Sharon, for your comment. With Jesus, the only begotten son of God, as the center of our worship a person declares Christ’s spirit to be the chosen ruler of our life. That spirit of the Christ, as you seem to recognize, is the spirit of truth as identified by Jesus when he declared that he is “the way, the truth and the life (light).” I’m pleased to know you recognize that truth can sometimes come to us in very challenging ways, but for the sincere in heart the search is worth it. Now the Spirit of Truth points us toward the most powerful spirit of them all, the Spirit of Agape (perfect love) which the Apostle John states casts out all fear (terror) and sets us free. Once fear was cast out from its high position in our personal spiritual temples (bodies) truth was then able to have a place in our lives and show us the way to experience agape (love). This process will be more obvious in future articles I have planned for this blog, so please keep following these posts, Sharon, as you have in the past. We appreciate your loyalty.

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