Espirational Faith

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." –The Apostle Paul

Light, Life, Love




Imagine being in a complete void, with absolutely nothing else there except you. You have no physical body to be touched nor to touch other objects; and, in fact, it would have no use for there is nothing else to touch, observe or hear. There is no light, so even if there were physical objects you could not see them for in the physical world it takes light to give objects their ability to be seen. There is not even any sound, except for the consistent, incessant hum which seems to be coming from your own existence sounding like a continuous low, rumbling “iammmmmm” or “ommmmmm” emitting from within you. Then slowly over unknown expanses of time, whatever that is, questions start forming in you like, “I am. But if I am, then what am I?” and “If I am here, then where am I?” and “Why am I alone?”

This is what the writers of the world’s sacred scriptures elude to in their stories of the very beginning of time. We don’t know, nor need to know, when or exactly how this happened; but something like this did happen according to the scriptures of our world written by Moses and other of Earth’s teachers of truth. But then this mighty force decided to do something about the lonely state it found itself in. It said, “Let there be light.” [1]‘’[2][3][4]

Isn’t it interesting how most people think that the first thing created in this large universe was light? An easily made error, made by not carefully reading the scriptures. Scriptures say God “said, ‘Let there be light” which requires first God’s own ability to think and the universal concept of sound to exist Thus the preexistence of God was only reflected by the scripture writers by the fact that God, indeed, did have thought and could speak. Therefore light being created on the “first day” is only recorded as the first record of creation.

Logic explains the scientists’ insistence that for light to exist and be light, it must have something to be reflected upon (except at very high intensities like looking at the source of the light where you can see its aura) or it is simply energy zooming through space which cannot be seen. However the first thing existent was thought, and that thought then produced sound, and from that sound was proclaimed the existence of light and the rest followed.   Hubble[5]

Therefore this proclamation by the one we call “God” or “Creative Force” or whatever one may call the base intelligence of why we are all here must have had a moment of perplexity when realizing that the light he[6] had just created was of little use in a universe with nothing else in it; but scientists explain that at the same  moment that light had become existent in this physical plain, due to the explosive power which has traditionally been known as the “Big Bang,” set into motion many other things which appeared to make it possible for the light to have something to reflect on to be seen and to see other objects.[7]

As mentioned, two things apparently existed before the creation of light: First God was obviously aware of his own existence. Where did he come from? What was he made of? How did these thoughts which seemed to come from nowhere, yet be everywhere exist? No mention by the wise ones has ever been made about this. Some things are just beyond our knowledge. Those “thoughts” or “feelings” just existed. The other thing which you could say that these nebulous thoughts seemed to be creating was sound. The low, persistent, somewhat mechanical drone which some are told to attempt to mimic while meditating. The “thoughts” of God were evidently, that drone. So the first thing his thoughts created was sound, not light as most of us believe.

Further evidence of this can be found when noticing in the Scriptures that it was by no other action by the Creator than what he said to create all that we see and experience around us. Moses said, in the Hebraic book of Genesis that God spoke everything into existence. “God said, ‘Let there be light.’”

But the logical mind then asks the reasonable question that if nothing else existed, what then was the light made of? Does it matter? Most likely it was made of the thoughts of God which process is beyond our comprehension, but we know that it is the next logical step to the creative process.[8] First there was thought. Then as those vibrations of thought began to increase they began to create a sound. Then as the vibrations grew even more rapid they could be contained no longer and thus the words from the creator of: “Let there be light.” The Apostle John clearly confirms this process when he declares, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”[9][10]

Scientists confirm, in their own way, how this process makes sense when speaking of astronomical phenomena, specifically the cycle of a star’s development and explosive expansion.[11] Of course they do not give credit to thought being the root of the cycle of a star’s “life” but they do show how greater and greater intensity of energy (vibration) into one location eventually causes things to happen.

And thus, after light appeared, things did happen. Stars appeared. Planets began forming and orbiting the stars. On Earth the waters of the oceans were separated from the dry land, and plants and animals began to appear. Then man.

Whether this process took only six days, which is doubtful to the logical mind due to the extremely complex physiological processes involved in such a creative process, or if the process took 60 trillion years or more we really do not know. The amount of time it took is, in reality, irrelevant.

What is important in this process is that even the sciences of mankind agree with the world’s theologians that this creative process, which brought forth light and life into this universe, did and does exist. How it occurred, how long it took, or even why it occurred are all points of curiosity to be sure; but in reality not nearly as important as the next step in this process of God, and we, discovering who he is.

When Moses faced the Pharaoh and demanded that the Hebrews be released from their captivity as slaves of Egypt it was done by him at the request of the Creator. Moses asked God, “Who should I say has sent me demanding these things?” To this God replied to tell the Pharaoh that “I AM,” had sent him.[12]

What an interesting dichotomy this presented to Moses. To do what he was being told to do would surely be misunderstood by the Egyptians and simply make it appear that he was a traitor to those who raised him. But true to his faith, when asked who it was that demanded the release of the slaves, Moses said, “I am.” And from that moment on he became the enemy of the Egyptian nation.

Anyone who has read the story about how the Hebrew were lead into the land we now know as Israel recognizes how they struggled for their very existence while they wandered through the wilderness between Egypt and the “Promised Land.” The story needs not be told here. But it is an important step on the Creator’s process of self-identification. Why? When he made mankind, he said he wanted to make a special creature which was made in his (“our”[13]) image. Through this process, God started learning about himself by watching and at times helping his image learn to cope with their Earth bound existence.

As time progressed from the time of the freeing of the slaves, we see a Creator who has placed restraints upon himself on how much he can interfere with mankind’s existence. While different people have been given what seem to be contradictory messages from the Prime Source, they have all had what seemed to be the same goal in mind: to create within human society one basic recognition that “God Is” and that only through his guidance can we have understanding, peace, abundance and universal love.

Then came the time of ultimate decision for the Creator. While many of us humans do not believe in the concept of God having a physical son, there are many who wrote historical scriptures who do. And this is important if we are to ever understand why, in the Christian Scriptures, the Apostle John identifies God as agape (love).[14]  Over two-thousand years ago God realized that the main reason mankind could not live a balanced, peaceful life in his honor was because they did not have an example of how to do so, or what would happen if one did live a faithful life as he was created to do. So, to prove to mankind their importance to the Creator he sent his “only begotten son,” Jesus, who is called the Christ, to Earth to show us the way to live a godly life even when opposed by all others.[15]

This was the ultimate challenge for the Creator. Why? He could have simply wiped us off the planet and started over as is indicated may have happened before in the Book of Genesis, and which he considered doing during the worldwide flood when he found Noah having a promising character and told him how to save himself.[16] Time after time the world’s scriptures show how God has attempted to show us the way of peace and prosperity; but we have never comprehended it. The hope for God was that by sending his son we would finally have an example of what it would take to have a planet full of light and life. It is due to this act of love shown through the son of God that the Apostle John said, in the “Book of The Revelation,” that Jesus, The Christ, was “the beginning of the creation of God.”[17]

So there we have it, the true essence of the creation itself:

Light, Life and Love

All emitted from the Creator himself.

Mankind keeps looking for the way we can “evolve,” yet we have already been created as the image of God and what we must do to evolve is to recognize that and to learn how to be the instruments of love we were created to be. God created us to help him overcome his “aloneness,” his loneliness. He wants to be able to call us his friends, even as Jesus called the disciples his friends.[18] However God finds it impossible to even look upon evil because he is pure, and had to be pure to build this universe on the narrow equilibrium necessary to build it.

We have choices to make. We have lessons to learn. Are we willing to let go of misconceptions and become a friend of God?


End Notes:

[1] New International Version of Christian Holy Bible (Genesis 1:1-5)j.

[2] According to one Buddhist commentator: “Simply, Buddhism does not have such kind of Creation story since it rejects the concept of Creator God. Instead, in the Aganna Sutta, the Buddha tells the story of how the human beings came to dwell on Earth.” However, the commentator goes on to show how the Buddha’s comments seem to agree with the Big Bang theory. – “Buddhism Beta,” Stack Exchange,

[3] The Hebrew Bible in English (Torah) (Genesis 1:1-5)

[4] Other religions either make no mention of the creation of the universe, or the multitude of representations of thoughts or traditions make it impossible to say that they teach any one doctrine concerning it.

[5] “Hubble Spies Big Bang Frontiers,” ESA/NASA, October 22,2015.

[6] Here the word “he” is used as a grammatically correct personification, not to designate gender since we know through Scriptures that the Creator is evidently nonsexual: Wayne Martindale, “C. S. Lewis on Gender Language in the Bible,” Touchstone, Summer, 1990.

[7] “Big Bang,” Wikipedia, cited 01-04-2016.

[8] Interesting note from scientists here who are saying that the Universe is actually just a holographic projection:

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5 thoughts on “Light, Life, Love

  1. That was a very interesting and encouraging read. Also hope filled. I particularly liked what you said about
    John saying “God is (agape )love.” I hear the term “theological illiteracy ” thrown around. People forming opinions about religions without reading the texts. Some texts are of course open to interpretation but others are not. For example there is a thread that runs through the New Testament which promotes love. Also render to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser is a faverite of mine. Be inspired by God and your own talents. Search for creativity and meaning in yourself. Be in the world but not of it. That’s my all time faverite. Times are difficult and challenging. Solomon would point out that is nothing new. There always seem to be mean bullies spoiling things starting in the playground and ending in the political arena. Then many of us have our own demons to fight to. Being a person isn’t easy.❤️

    • Indeed. Life is NOT easy. That’s why it’s so important to have a standard barer, one who we know is worthy of our emulation, to look up to and to know he is worthy to follow throughout eternity. The popular Christian catchphrase of the last part of the 21st century of “What Would Jesus Do?” or “WWJD” should be etched indelibly in our hearts to guide us through all of life’s tough circumstances. He is our guide on the path of life, he is the truth of who we really are. The thoughts you share in your comment are all very valid. Thanks for sharing.

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    Greetings readers! Just letting you know that Bob has a new blog post up. This is some of his best writing and I know you won’t want to miss it. My guy can write! 🙂

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