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Is This Democracy?

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I just sent a letter to the editors of three different newspapers stating my opinion as clearly as possible about the current political condition we find ourselves in this country. While I realize most of you who have followed me on Facebook, etc., already know who I believe should not have won; but that is not the subject of this posting. What the purpose is, however, concerns how we are seeing how a broken political system such as we currently have can result in both unexpected and undemocratic ways. Whether you wanted Trump or Clinton is not the issue here. The question is do you want to live in a democratic society, or some other form of government. Please read this article to see what I mean:


Is This Democracy?

 Citizens of the United States are either rejoicing or lamenting the election of Donald Trump as the next president of our country. While many ask the question of if Trump is even qualified to hold such a position, many are also asking a more basic question: Is this really how the top leader of a democracy is chosen?
              In childhood we are taught that in our democratic system the majority rules. The vote of the majority chooses who will lead, who will make decisions, who will write the laws.
              But that is not what we are witnessing. Through the electoral system, the electors of a few, smaller states, will effectively over-ride the votes of over two-million voters. That is two-million more voters who voted for Hillary Clinton than those voting for Donald Trump. This system of electoral voting has thus overshadowed democracy making the desire of the populous, expressed through their votes, irrelevant.
It is time for U.S. citizens to demand the end of the Electoral College system. Please contact your local elector and insist that they vote as expressed by the national vote count. Democracy is now in your elector’s hands — and yours.
(Note: Elecooral College Petition available at: )



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